• Workshop Manager

    Great standalone workshop program for small or medium sized businesses to keep track of work reports.

  •   Cloud Database

    Hosted on a centralized cloud server making it possible to log in from any Apple computer running OS X 10.7 or later.

  • Mac App Store
  • Simple Interface

    Simple user interface with similar design as the Mail application from Apple, with a full screen support.

  • Fast Search

    Quick and simple search options where you can search by contact name, device type and serial number.

  • Available in Mac App Store
  • Print Page

    Editable print page so you can customize your print page for your business with changeable logo in the header and all your business information in the footer. Click Here to see sample of a print page

  • For many types of business

    This program is very useful for a variety of operations such as computer workshops, vehicle workshops, etc.